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[[ Cemetery Things ]]
[soul campaign] Find A Way 
10th-Feb-2011 10:35 am
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+ Title: Find A Way

+ Characters: Rhode Kamelot, Rokudo Mukuro

+ Rating: E

+ Word Count: 338

+ Author's Notes: A fic based in the world of the roleplay Soul Campaign, a game based on the series Soul Eater. If you're interested, feel free to stop by and look at the various communities. Also, this is so fluffy I am ashamed of myself. Legitimately embarrassed.

Somehow, it's easier to be quiet around him since the night of her accidental confession.

She had anticipated an endless stretch of uncomfortable days after the words had come out-- Nothing but scrutiny and embarrassment for admitting her feelings.

You're my family, here...

Days have passed, however, and she still doesn't feel it. The shame is missing in action, leaving an oddly light, empty place that has been weighing down her heart for months.

She isn't sure if she likes it, yet.

She wakes up in the morning, warm and safe against his side-- Doesn't stay still, or sneak out of bed. Lingering, she enjoys his presence, the sound of his breathing as he sleeps, until she reaches out, brushing the hair gently from his face. She runs her fingers through it, affectionate, before shifting over. He smells like comfort, she notes, gently kissing his cheek, or ear, or nose-- perhaps, if she feels particularly bold, his eyelids. (They're so lovely, his eyes; the softest kind of blue, the sweetest shade of red.)

It's an unusual impulse, and she would hesitate to display her affection so openly anywhere else. But in those few, precious minutes, with the sun warming their pillows, there is no one but her, and her partner, and the blissful sense of being so near to the person she loves.

Love, is it? 

For once, definitions aren't so important. It doesn't matter, even though she is certain he doesn't feel quite so attached to her. He's the cool sort, distanced, and she is a hot-tempered, passionate creature, possessive and desiring and emotional. She is content, however-- So long as she can have him nearby as she falls asleep, while she dreams, waking up with him beside her.

"Adoro-te," she mumbles against his neck. Those soft words, said to her so many times by her uncle, her adopted father, sound oddly at home here. But, oh, she's startled as he shifts-- Wakes up.

"Mm?" He didn't hear, thankfully-- Or so it seems.

She sighs, softly; pushes herself up, brushing one last kiss against his cheek. "Morning."
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