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[[ Cemetery Things ]]
[ soul campaign ] Immersion 
27th-Dec-2010 10:56 pm
roll with us
+ Title: Immersion

+ Characters: Joshua Kiryuu, Rhode Kamelot

+ Rating: E

+ Word Count: 776

+ Author's Notes: A fic based in the roleplay Soul Campaign, a game based on the series Soul Eater. If you're interested, feel free to stop by and look at the various communities.

Joshua flipped through the songs on the mp3 player with the ease of an expert, one side of the headphones pressed to his ear as he listened for the deep tones that would have the effect he desired. It took a few minutes, of course, and he could feel Rhode staring at him with all the impatient anticipation of someone who had no idea what was in store. He didn't look up to meet her eyes until he had the perfect song.

Pressing pause, and setting it back to the start, he lowered the headphones. She pursed her lips slightly as he placed them over her small ears, expression indifferent, but he kept a hand on one side just in case. It was a wise decision, in the end; when he hit the play button, she started, unaccustomed to the intensity of the bass that swelled into her skull. He put a finger to her lips, though, forcing her to stay silent and calm until the song had lost some of its anxiety for her.

He could see her breath slow as the song drew on, pulse slowing to match. He saw the slight drop to her eyelids; that odd, dreamy gloss her eyes gained when she was falling into one of her particularly enjoyable fantasies. In moments like this, the Composer could never quite tell if she was about to fall asleep or flay him alive; she felt like danger, predatory, with that soft smile on her lips, but the soft lines of her relaxed shoulders, the complete lack of tension in her body, told a different story.

Perhaps if he watched closely enough, when she took on this strange stillness, he would be able to see the odd shift of gold in her eyes. Would a taste of that euphoria bring out the pretty monster beneath that angelic face?

Alas, it wasn’t to be. She blinked slowly as the song came to an end, and he savored the rarity of a speechless Rhode with a devious smile playing at the corner of his lips. Oh, how blatantly disorienting it was to her, these sounds from instruments and computers that she had never heard before in her own world. Her mildly perturbed, thoughtful expression was hilarious, on the face of someone who so vehemently insisted upon her superior knowledge of all things.

“How was it?”

He spoke softly, certain he would not break the spell of awe still lingering in the air. The answer was plain in the way her breath hitched, that soft shine to her eyes-- The softness of her voice as she replied.

“Wonderful, I think. I’ve never...”

She didn’t know how to finish the sentence, but Joshua knew what she meant. Leaning forward, he pushed the headphones back, sliding them down until the headband rested around her neck and her ears were in the open air once more. He made a soft sound of amusement at the sight; she looked as modern as any other girl, with her hair cropped so short in the first place.

“Technology suits you,” he murmured, clicking mindlessly through a few screens on the mp3 player.

Rhode blinked at him, rather unsure what he was trying to say. After a few moments, though, she simply shook her head.

“No, it doesn’t. I’m not suited to anything from this world, stupid.”

Bitter as always, Joshua noted-- Not that he cared. Leaning forward, he tugged her in by the cord on the headphones, until they were nearly nose to nose on the couch. She looked terribly unimpressed, but he wasn’t loosening the improvised leash quite yet.

“Learn to take a compliment, you stubborn little brat. Technology suits you. And it certainly isn’t the only thing in this world that does.”

Rhode made a quiet, derisive noise. For a moment, a passing instant of adversarial static, it seemed something would happen in this closeness; Josh inhaled slowly, catching the scent of lavender and her Meister on her hair before she finally sat upright once again.

“I’d like to hear a bit more than one song, after all that.” She slipped the headphones back on over her ears, and Joshua couldn’t help smiling again at the sight.

“Of course you would.” A series of clicks, a soft hum of consideration over a particular tune, then another. It seemed like eternity, and Rhode was watching him with a rather impatient gaze. When he smiled, however, glancing up at her, she knew he’d found exactly what he’d been looking for.

She exhaled softly and closed her eyes as he hit ‘play’.
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