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[[ Cemetery Things ]]
[ soul campaign ] Cat & Mouse 
22nd-Jan-2011 09:36 pm
+ Title: Cat & Mouse

+ Characters: Chrome Dokuro, Rhode Kamelot

+ Rating: T

+ Word Count: 415

+ Author's Notes: A fic based in the roleplay Soul Campaign, a game based on the series Soul Eater. If you're interested, feel free to stop by and look at the various communities.

She catches Chrome in a dim corner of the ballroom, near a column and a potted plant. The shadows are perfect, inviting, drawing them close and hiding them well as Rhode shoves her prey away from prying eyes. It's a thrill, this kind of risk-- The fact that someone could just look at them from the right angle, come a bit too close, and catch her, made her heart pound so heavily that she could feel the blood rushing in her ears.

But there is no time to be faint, right now; the real fun was happening now, with her slight form pressing the other girl against the back of the pillar, keeping her from escaping. Rhode doesn't say a word, breath coming heavy as she covers Chrome's mouth with one hand, making sure she can muffle any cry for help.

No marks, she reminds herself. No evidence.

She rests her free hand on the girl's neck, almost gently, pressing her thumb against her windpipe until she can feel the breath against her palm falter. There- She has it now, that suffocating pressure, and Rhode takes her other hand away, the better to see the fear and panic in Chrome's pretty face.

There are a few moments of pure disconnect, in the instant before that one eye begins to roll back. Rhode's grip doesn't loosen, but her entire body is trembling with ecstasy, breathing as if she is the one in a stranglehold. In this instant, she could do it-- End this human's life, feel her soul slip away beneath her very hands, in front of all these people who wouldn't know a thing until they found her little body in this corner. It would be so easy, and Rhode could almost the rush of pleasure from the kill already.

But-- But--

She releases, recoiling from Chrome as if she's been burnt.

Why had she thought of that? Her meister's face, if he found Chrome, dead-- He would know she had done it, doubtless.

Chrome is still gasping for air, having slid down to a sitting position against the column. Rhode looks down at her, jaw clenched against the feeling of sick fear that's suddenly in her stomach, smothering the high she had only moments before.

"Don't you dare say a word," she breathes. Chrome can hear her; she sees her eye widen slightly.

Slipping back into the crowd, Rhode wipes her hands off on the skirt of her gown.

Suddenly, she feels strangely dirty.
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