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[[ Cemetery Things ]]
[D. Gray-man] Doll Eyes 
1st-Apr-2011 09:42 pm
roll with us
+ Title: Doll Eyes

+ Characters: Rhode Kamelot, Nea Walker

+ Rating: M

+ Word Count: 236

+ Author's Notes: The past has a way of catching up to you.

By the time he’s finished, she doesn’t have the will left to resist.

Broken, blinded, a bloody ragdoll, crying tears of blood as she kneels at his feet. It takes all her strength to stay upright on her own, but Nea lets her struggle for a few moments-- Lets her feel the worst of the pain, before kneeling down to support her frail little form with his hands. Though she can’t see him-- Never will, he smiles, thinking of those pretty blue eyes in a jar for his keeping-- he gently tilts her chin up with his fingertips, looking into the empty lids with an almost amused expression.

“Does it hurt, my dear?”

Hesitation, unsure if he’s testing her-- what answer will receive some fresh punishment-- before she nods, swallowing a whimper.

“Oh, no.” His voice is breathy, soft, a perfect match to his comforting touch as he draws her into his arms. “That simply won’t do, for any servant of mine to be in pain. Would you like it to stop?”

Rhode lets out a sob, a choked noise as he runs his hands over the stigmata he carved into her brow only half an hour before. “Y-- Yes, please..."

His grip tightens, in that instant of hesitation-- but her voice has caught in her throat, and it takes her a moment to find her words again.

"...Please, Lord Earl.”
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